6 Creative Wine Glass Decorating Ideas That Will Impress Your Friends

Creative Wine Glass

6 Creative Wine Glass Decorating Ideas That Will Impress Your Friends

Imagine this little story. You have invited your friends for a surprise dinner this Friday, and you want this dinner to be specially memorable. You had to break the bank to buy the most expensive wine bottle available at your local winery, so you need to make sure everyone enjoys the wine you purchased.

It is often said that the wine glass is the second most important component to drinking wine. Some wine-fanatics even believe that the design and visual appeal of each wine glass affects the taste of the wine in it. Fortunately, there are many wine glass decorating ideas that will help heighten the delight of drinking wine.

On-glass Design

This is probably the most obvious way to decorate your wine glass and it also stands as one of the best wine glass decorating ideas. We often see logos that are printed onto each wine glass. From Carmel to The Winery, we’ve seen all of them except yours.

Why not customize your own logo?

You can effectively print out each guest’s name onto a glass and make everyone feel a little bit more special without going broke. Additionally you can print a special design, one that portrays “The Last  supper” or “Mona Lisa” or one that has a famous slogan or phrase on it.

Glass Shape

Wine glasses come in many shapes and forms. Believe it or not each wine glass style has its own special purpose. The “bordeaux” glass, a tall glass with an extra-wide bowl, is actually designed for full-bodied red wines. Champagne glasses are called “flutes” because of their idiosyncratic long stem and narrow bowl.

Each shape allows the wine to sparkle a little more and controls the oxidation levels to your intent so take your time in choosing which shapes your glasses should come in.

Wine Glass Charms

Wine glass charms are like necklaces that encircle the stem of your wine glass. These charms come in a multitude of designs and can be purchased at a low price. More importantly, they usually fit all styles and shapes of glasses. From a festive Christmas Tree charm to an elegant diamond charm, you can purchase these online or custom-create your own.

Wine Glass Racks

These are simply put, your wine glass holders. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the impact of a luxurious wine rack and spend big bucks on pricey wine bottle holders. If you just put a little time into thinking about the effect you need to create in your environment, you can easily perk up the style of your event. Your personalized wine glasses can be perched on a chained holder from the ceiling or even jutting out the wall with a special wood rack. Speaking of wine glass decorating ideas, how about an automatic wine glass rotation machine?

Wine Glass Centerpieces

A lot of people don’t realize that wine glasses are a form of jewelry. They must be taken care of like diamonds and made to look like diamonds. They should be made to be admired and loved. By simply adding a candle to the inside of a glass, you make quite the fashionable centerpiece. Some other ways to decorate your own wine glass centerpiece is by gluing salt onto the glass and placing several dried ice cubes around it to portray a frozen climate effect.

Wine Glass Place Cards

An example of a modern place card design is a butterfly. This paper or cardboard butterfly perches on the rim of your wine glass. Place cards are easy to attach and easy to remove. Other examples of place cards are of pigeons, autumn leaves, hearts, or guitars. These accessories can be easily made at home or purchased at your local winery so that your glasses exude the exact ambiance you had hoped for.

Just by noticing 2 or 3 of the accessories and/or techniques mentioned above, your wine glasses will be several times more noteworthy and beautiful. Utilize stylish glass charms, racks, centerpieces, and cards to personalize your own wine glasses and those of your peers. Your guests will never have seen anything like them.

End of The Story and Last Thoughts About Wine Glass Decorating Ideas

Your guests finally arrive, you hear their footsteps, and you know you’re ready. As you confidently pour that 1869 Chateau Lafite into your guests glasses, you are sure that everything has been prepared correctly and that you have maximized the quality of your wine through such unique ornaments.

These innovative wine glass decorating ideas will help you spice up the style of each glass and make every glass a stylish and personalized wine glass.

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