Does Wine Help with Anxiety and Stress Relief?

Wine Help with Anxiety and Stress Relief

Does Wine Help with Anxiety and Stress Relief?

Resveratrol is a component present in red wine, could work in the control of anxiety and depression. Manu popular research tested the effects of this chemical component in a group of mice that were injected with corticosterone, a hormone that controls stress. When the mice were at the highest points of stress, they were given a high dose of resveratrol and their stress decreased markedly.

Does Wine Help with Anxiety and Stress Relief

The specialists who conducted the study assured that the consumption of resveratrol could become an effective treatment for patients suffering from depression or anxiety, however, at the moment the research is in an initial stage and many studies are still missing to corroborate it.

In fact, for a person to match the dose of resveratrol used in mice, they would have to drink more than 400 glasses of red wine before having the same antidepressant and anxiolytic effect that they had.

The formula to effectively combat stress and anxiety would be within reach of a glass of red wine. If you constantly suffer from these conditions, perhaps you should buy a bottle, as it contains a component that helps control these conditions.

Benefits of Resveratrol

  • Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in several plants and especially in the skin of red grapes, currants, mulberries, and peanuts.
  • According to research, several forms of this molecule, the most active, and the one we recommend when taking a supplement is the TRANS form.
  • Resveratrol or these grape extracts contain a whole range of polyphenols that are naturally contained in red wine, such as proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins, flavonoids, which are what give the properties to this molecule.
  • The Resveratrol molecule is found mainly in the skin, the juice of red grapes and wine, and also in the root of the Far Eastern pharmacopoeia, the Centinodia of Japan (polygonum cuspidatum), not forgetting the blackberries and, to a lesser extent proportion, peanuts.
  • Many people talk about the virtues of Resveratrol, they seem multiple and the effects are spectacular. Resveratrol was discovered only a few years ago, is surely one of the most valued ingredients so far to fight to age.
  • The Resveratrol combat and largely neutralized the effect of cholesterols many of the diets through red wine. But Resveratrol is not just a degreaser.
  • Another benefit is its action on cardiovascular function as a whole. It maintains the endothelium and thus reduces the risks of cardiovascular.
  • The Resveratrol molecule also appears to be an effective weapon in the formation of cancer cells, particularly in the breast or prostate.

This is how corticosterone works

Corticosterone is responsible for regulating the body’s response to a stress disorder, which is why it is known as one of the “stress hormones.” When the individual is much stressed, they can develop an excessive production of this hormone that could even cause depression.

One of the adverse effects of the PDE4 enzyme’s excessive production is that it reduces cyclic adenosine monophosphate levels. This molecule functions as a transmitter for physiological modifications such as cell division, change, or death.

In the research coordinated by Dr. Ying Xu, it was shown how resveratrol provides a neuroprotective function against prolonged exposure to corticosterone and PDE4, thus inhibiting the latter’s effects.

It is always good to take time with yourself to relax and have an encounter with our interior, perhaps we do not enjoy all the time in the world, but from the comfort of our home we can do it, and what better than with good red wine.

This miraculous grape-based drink “will help us fight stress and anxiety” that we collect every day due to our working hours, where we run into many people who manage to drive us out of our boxes.

How do we know that red wine sets us free?

A study conducted at the University of Buffalo, New York, and the Medical University of Xuzhou, China, showed that having one drink a day allows us to reach the point of relaxation we need to face our daily responsibilities.

What are the advantages of red wine?

Besides being a great complement to enjoy meals, wine helps us lower cholesterol, contributes to weight loss, and slows down aging.

How does red wine help with anxiety and depression?

As indicated by Dr. Ying Xu, this delicious ingredient contains a resveratrol component, which is found in the skin of some fruits with which wine is made (raspberries, blackberries, or black grapes).

So now you know, if you are looking to free yourself from all the tension you absorb during the day, your best therapy will be to get home, have a glass of red wine and enjoy its ‘miraculous’ properties. Health!

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