Personalized Wine Glasses – The Many Misconceptions Cleared

Personalized Wine Glasses

Personalized Wine Glasses – The Many Misconceptions Cleared

Although there is a lot of stuff available on the subject of wine and wine glasses on the internet but a big part of this information is actually a bundle of misinformation. Many a times you are told things in which the truths and lies are mixed so expertly that you are forced to believe in them. While browsing on the internet you might come across a lot of misinformation about the personalized wine glasses as well. Sometimes it is nothing more than a fight between two schools of thoughts that have completely different perspectives about wine and wine glasses.

The Crystal Glass Misconception

Quite often you are told things about crystal wine glasses that are easy to believe but as you explore and dig deeper into the matter you realize that you have been made to believe in half truths. You will be stopped by many people from buying a crystal wine glass because these people believe that due to highly porous nature of crystal wine glasses the taste of the wine can change and a lot of other things are associated with this. First thing you know is that you have been told the crystal-pores-myth by someone. There are absolutely no pores in crystal glasses and the truth is given below.

The truth is that when the crystal surface of the glass is not polished it possesses those little bumps;take the goose bumps on your body for example.They change the taste of wine is completely false and the truth is that it gives a better taste to your wine instead. Providing better aeration and thus swirling, it makes your wine drinking experience even better. So, if someone tells you that there are pores in your crystal glass, use the information given above to reveal the truth.

The Personalized Wine Glasses’ Misconception

Many wine lovers wouldn’t really appreciate you in buying a painted or hand painted wine glass as a gift. For them the beauty of wine is only visible when the glass is clean, pure and completely see-through. Some would even come to the point of telling you that your hand paint changes the taste of the wine. Another piece of misinformation that is disseminated by many people only to prevent others from buying painted or personalized glasses is that it’s impossible to clean the painted wine glasses. They make it appear so difficult that you are afraid to give a personalized glass as a gift because you are convinced that it would be a hassle for the person.

Here’s the truth: those who drink wine at home know the contents of their wine because they drink it regularly. They don’t need to stare at the wine everyday to look at its contents or to know the color of white wine.Secondly, a personalized glass is just one glass: yes, just one glass. Gifting a personalized glass wouldn’t stop the person from owning more sets of clean and fine wine glasses. Cleaning is never as big a problem as it is made to appear. It’s true that you have to be a bit more careful when cleaning, washing and rinsing wine glasses but a personalized glass is no different.

Do you really think hot water will do an equally great job in cleaning a fresh lipstick mark and an overnight stain of red wine? They use detergents in restaurants and a few drops wouldn’t harm your wine glasses as well. A cotton scrubber could easily do the job for you when it comes to cleaning the inside of the glass. The exterior with pain needs a soft cloth and a soft touch, and the delicate hands of a woman are more than enough here.Lastly, you can give a distance of one centimeter from the edges and your lips will never touch or taste it.

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