Types of white wine

white wine

Types of white wine

For people who prefer white wine but do not have much knowledge about its classification, the choice can be a difficult task and the result may not be the most satisfactory. White wine can be presented in various shades, from the driest to the sweetest. They are obtained from grapes of the color that their name indicates. However, there may be variations in which red grapes are included. We explain what types of white wine are and how to combine them.

Types of white wine

The most used types of white wine are explained below:


It is a variety of grapes native to Burgundy, France, but is currently grown in other countries such as the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. It is perhaps the best-known variety and it is not only used for making wine, but it is also part of the basis for creating high-quality champagne. This type of grape is easy to grow and if you prefer fruity wines, this is a good choice. Pair it with spicy fish and white meats, salads with creamy dressings, rich-flavored cheeses, and seafood pasta. Serve at a temperature of 8-10ºC.

It should be noted that the flavor changes depending on the land where it is planted and how it is stored. In colder climates, the grape develops a more acidic flavor and in hot climates, the flavor can become more citric. On the other hand, in very warm areas, its notes will be more tropical.

Sauvignon Blanc

It is considered the finest variety of grapes after Chardonnay. Although it comes from the Bordeaux region of France, it is said that Australia is where you can find the best Sauvignon Blanc. It has a fresh touch, with a lot of aromas and it tends to be dry and acidic. The perfect pairing for this wine is seafood, poultry, goat cheese, spicy food, and appetizers. It should be served between 8 and 10 ºC.


It originates in cold climates, although it is also grown in hot climates. Its flavor is mild, aromatic, and low in alcohol, and can be made semi-dry or sweet. You can accompany it with fruit-based desserts, salads, appetizers, Chinese food, white meat, and fish. To take better advantage of its flavor, serve it at a temperature of 10ºC.

Pinot Blanc

It is an elegant wine and the more mature, the better. It can be confused with Chardonnay and is grown in France, Germany, Italy, and Hungary. It is usually a dry and full-bodied wine, although, in the regions of Germany, it can be a little sweeter. You can combine it with egg-based dishes such as quiches or omelets, with soft and fresh cheeses. It is also a good wine to serve starters.

Chenin Blanc

It is used as a base to make sparkling wines and champagne. The versatility of this grape allows obtaining dry, semi-dry, and sweet wines. It also needs a lot of suns to mature if it cannot become very acidic. It is a wine that should be drunk young and is the ideal pairing for spicy dishes, seafood, paellas, orange chicken, and pasta with creamy sauces. Serve between 10 and 12 ºC.

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