Special tips to cook the juiciest and delicious steak

delicious steak tips

Special tips to cook the juiciest and delicious steak

If you are a steak lover, this selection of infallible tips will help you become an expert on the grill and cook the most delicious steak.

One of the greatest qualities of roasting a cut of meat is how simple it is to prepare, just by having a pan or grill, oil, salt, and fire we obtain an exquisite main course. Despite this, on many occasions when cooking meat we make some mistakes, which are decisive in the final result, especially in the term and juiciness of the meat.

We present a selection of infallible tips so that the next time you cook meat you do it like an expert.

Tips for cooking tender and juicy cuts of meat:

juiciest and delicious steak

Meat temperature

This is one of the points that most influences the cooking of meat and it is very easy to comply with it: the meat should always be at room temperature. If the meat you are going to prepare was frozen, you must defrost it beforehand and correctly. Never cook frozen meat! The result will be fatal, when you cold roast the meat you will get a cut that is overcooked on the outside and raw on the inside.

The thickness of the meat does matter!

The thicker the cut of meat, the easier it will be to control the perfect doneness: golden on the outside, pink and juicy on the inside; Normally when cooking thin cuts of meat, it is very easy to cause overcooking. Try to select fresh, organic cuts of meat and investigate the most recommended variants, some good examples of cuts are:

  • T-bone steak: It receives this name because a “T” shaped bone separates the loin and the steak. It stands out for being meat with a great flavor, its texture is soft and it is a cut that has little fat.
  • Loin-Tenderloin: It is one of the most expensive variants of meat, but its flavor is truly unmatched. It is lean and tender, notable for being only 2 inches thick, and when prepared correctly is ideal for truly juicy meat. It is also known as tenderloin or tenderloin, seasonings such as fresh rosemary, peppercorns, and mustard are wonderful.
  • Rib Eye Steak: It is one of the finest cuts that exist, its meat is one of the softest because it comes from the fifth to the eleventh vertebra of the beef ribs. It is also one of the cuts with the highest fat content, this also influences its extraordinary flavor and texture.
  • Back Ribs: This cut is popularly known as “strip roast” and is obtained from the beef rib. It is one of the meatiest cuts, with the highest fat content, which is why it is the softest. It is ideal for cooking on the grill and is well marinated.
  • Skirt: Although we all know it as “arrachera” it is a cut that comes from the animal’s diaphragm and is one of the classics. It stands out for being quite accessible in price, for its delicious flavor and great versatility.

The unique touch of seasoning the meat well

Do not be afraid to season the meat well, it is a wonderful way to bring out its flavors in a natural way. Remember that in thick cuts of meat, the spices and seasonings you use will remain in the form of a crust and will not reach the center of the cut. The only aspect with which you should be especially careful is with the salt, try to add it at the end when the meat is already cooked, when raw it absorbs it much more.

The importance of the correct iron temperature

To make it golden on the outside and juicy on the inside, you should brush the pan with a little olive oil. Subsequently, heat the griddle very well (this step is essential), place the cut of meat, and wait to see blood on the upper part to turn it over. You only have to turn it in once!

The magic of thermometers

One of the best tips to ensure success in the correct cooking of meat is to use thermometers that will help you determine the correct term of the meat. Consider the following parameters:

  • Raw (not fully cooked, with red inside): 46 ºC
  • Sealed/Blue rare (very red and cold): 46-52 ºC
  • Medium raw (red inside, pink outer zone): 52-55 ºC
  • Medium (hot red inside, pink outside): 55-60ºC
  • Three quarters (mostly grey-brown, with hints of pink): 60-70ºC
  • Very Well Done or Four Quarters (mostly gray-brown, no pink spots): 160°F or higher.

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