Author: Jessie Vasquez

Throughout history, different civilizations have firmly believed in the properties of red wine: a series of characteristics that, apparently, make it a great ally for human health: Antioxidant, anticancer, analgesic... Positive results to treat heart or cardiovascular diseases, to combat cholesterol... Its composition has even been related to the reduction of stress, anxiety, and mental health.

Wine, from the guest of honor during meals to ally for good health. Let's find out its important role together! The wine has held for thousands of years an excellent place on tables all over the world. A drink that derives from the alcoholic fermentation of grape juice. It has been produced since the times of the Ancient Romans, who helped to spread the cultivation of the vine in all the territories of the Empire.

For people who prefer white wine but do not have much knowledge about its classification, the choice can be a difficult task and the result may not be the most satisfactory. White wine can be presented in various shades, from the driest to the sweetest....